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You can follow the current position of Michael Gebert live via GPS-Tracking.
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High Experience

Expericene exeptional paragliding tours all over the world or breathtaking tandem flights with Michael Gebert.
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High Experience


Wolkenberg by Florian Schellheimer offers creative solutions for trade show, event, design and photography in high quality. We design, plan, design and realize.
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Red Bull X-Alps 2011 Day 2: Glacially Dachstein Glacier

Ein eisiger Aufstieg auf den Dachstein Gletscher für Michael Gebert bei den Red Bull X-Alps

Red Bull X-Alps Trailer 2011

Red Bull X-Alps Route 2011

Red Bull X-Alps Route 2011

My personal experience with X-Alps

The first Red Bull X-Alps contest was in 2003. Kaspar Henny from Switzerland won that race. The first X-Alps was already incredibly popular because people could follow the whole race live via internet.

In 2004 I took part in a contest called Para-Bavaria. It was structured in the same way as X-Alps – 230 km walking and flying from Oberstaufen to Bad Reichenhall. I won and was fascinated by this kind of contest.

In 2005 I applied just for fun for Xalps and my supporter and I were a little bit shocked to really get a place in that much sought-after contest. We were the youngest team and absolutely carefree and when we found ourselves being fifth in the end we were more than content. That year the weather was very changeable; from snowstorms in Switzerland to 40 degrees in France - we had everything. My longest day´s stage by feet was 85 km. I was surprised myself about what you are able to do if you really want. I began to enjoy venturing out into the ugliest weather and sometimes it almost felt as if I was walking in a kind of trance. If you are packed in good clothing then the whole thing starts to be fun in spite of the drudgery. The toughest were the first minutes after getting up in the morning. Physically completely worn-off and not well rested, my body felt as if a concrete slab had lied on in it during the night. After the first few days you begin to feel every single bone and muscle of your body – it´s surprising in which places you can feel pain! If I hadn´t messed up the last good day for flying in France completely it would have been possible to reach Monaco. So, however, we were about one day distant to Monaco when the race was stopped.

In 2007 we were automatically qualified because we were fifth in 2005. In spite of much more extensive preparation I unfortunately had to end the race after five days. I had strong pain in my knee and shinbone and so I decided to quit. It was impossible to continue even though we had a very promising position until then – it´s never easy to make such a decision, especially if you´re not able to make it till the end after such a long and intense preparation period. On the other hand it doesn’t make much sense to permanently harm your body and to ignore the pain. Well, there will be more opportunities in the years to come…

2009 Every year the challenge and professionalism of the preparations and the race itself are increasing. For the first time the race started in the old town of Salzburg. After a very good start we lagged a bit behind in the following days but after a brilliant final spurt we were able to advance to the 6. Place. We were very content with this placement as everyone was a bit surprised by the speed and precision that the expert winner Chrigel Maurer displayed.
After taking part in three X-Alps contests we can summarize that the preparations as well as the material and the allover race are getting faster and more professional each year. Without extensive preparation it has become impossible by now to land with the first.